About Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

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About Lindsay for Lindsay, Ontario and Area

When you want to know Lindsay, Ontario

Overview of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Lindsay is a moderately populated city found in the heart of the Kawartha's. Lindsay is surrounded by numerous lakes and is a great location for a summer retreat. Lindsay can be found 27Km from Peterborough, Ontario. Lindsay is home to the theatre of Academy arts, if you are looking for a lavish romantic getaway. Lindsay also supports their local band, the “Physcadelics” who perform regularly!

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History of Lindsay, Ontario

Lindsay Ontario started out as a dam built on the Scugog River by a family in 1827. From there a sawmill and a gristmill were both built in the location around the dam. It didn't take long for a settlement to grow up around the mill, known as Purdy's Mills. After a substantial amount of people moved into this area a surveyor came in to make a plan for official streets and lots to be constructed. During the survey one of the surveyor's co-workers was shot in the leg and died. The diseased man went by the name of Mr. Lindsay and this name and death were recorded by the surveyor. By government approval the town remained to live and grow with the name not Purdy's Mills, but as we know it today “Lindsay, Ontario”.

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Lindsay's Demographics

Lindsay has been growing extraordinarily well over the years, and in this growth has offered a home to a mass amount of nationalities. The three most visible minorities are Chinese, Asian, and African American. Although there are many other nationalities calling Lindsay home, such as Latin American, Arab, Korean, Filipino, and many other cultures to name.

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Lindsay's Climate

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Education in Lindsay, Ontario

Lindsay is home to two public high schools and one catholic high school. Lindsay's faculty throughout the schools and school boards are professionals and work to guarantee a prevailing future for our children. Not only does Lindsay hold three high schools , the well known post secondary education institute Flemming College, school of Environmental and Natural resources has a campus in Lindsay.

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Transportation around Lindsay, Ontario

Residents or Lindsay are very fortunate to have the option of bussing to their destinations. One of their bus lines runs between Toronto Toronto, Lindsay, Niagara Falls, and other cities in Southern Ontario. Lindsay also offers two professional limousine services to the visitors and residents to enjoy their vacation or everyday life, in style and comfortable transportation.

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Tourism and Attractions of Lindsay

Other then the glimmering lakes of Kawartha, Lindsay offers a few attractions such as, The Lindsay Central Exhibition. The Exhibition is a 5 day long festival which takes place in September of every year, consisting of livestock and crafts/speedway. Lindsay also takes pride in hosting an inner city Terry Fox run annually to encourage the youth and grown population, to be determined and excited about the things they enjoy.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Lindsay
  • Linden Valley
  • Taylor Corners
  • Oakwood
  • Cameron
  • Sunderland
  • Mariposa
  • Little Britain
  • Downeyville
  • Frank Hill
  • East Emily
  • Bethel
  • Lancaster Bay
  • Orange Corners
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Cowans Bay
  • Omemee
  • Brunswick
  • Fleetwood
  • Fleetwood Station
  • Feir Mill
  • Lifford
  • Yelverton
  • O'Donnell Landing
  • Hillhead Corners
  • Glandine
  • Valentia
  • Starr's Beach
  • Fingerboard
  • Newmans Beach
  • Carnegie Beach
  • Washburn Island
  • Scugg Point
  • Williams Point
  • Sunrise Beach
  • Reaboro
  • Mount
  • Horeb
  • Cunningham's Corners
  • Frank Hill
  • Lancaster Bay
  • Fenelon Falls
  • Kenrei Park
  • Pickerel Point
  • Tracey's Hill
  • Mallards Bay
  • Sullivan's Bay
  • Flood's Landing
  • Windward Sands
  • Lakeview Estates
  • Kings Warf
  • Glenway Village
  • Dunsford
  • Kenstone Beach
  • Birch Point
  • Anacona Point
  • Verulam
  • Sandy Park Point
  • Hickory Beach
  • Sturgeon Point
  • Greenhurst-Thurstonia
  • Daytonia Beach
  • Southview Estates
  • Powles Corners
  • Isaacs Glen
  • Snug Harbour
  • Bobcaygeon
  • Pontypool
  • Woodville

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Geography of Lindsay, Ontario

Lindsay is found in Southern Ontario just past Toronto, amongst the Kawartha Lakes. Lindsay is home to the breath taking Fenlon Falls. The massive waterfalls rushes between limestone which was brought into Lindsay's land sight, by glaciers many years ago. The Waterfall is found around the Sturgeon and Cameron Lake area.

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Lindsay's Government

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Lindsay's Economy and Industry

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Lindsay's Culture and Significant Events

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Sports in Lindsay, Ontario

As most Canadian cities, Lindsay is home to an impressive hockey team, the Muskies! The Muskies are Ontario Junior A players. The team consists of males and is a publicly run sports team. The muskies have nine volunteers, and 13 volunteer families supporting them through out their season.

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Media of Lindsay

The city of Lindsay is home to two successful newspapers The Daily Post,which is issued every day with local and international news, as well as the Lindsay This Week, which releases a new newspaper weekly to keep the public updated. If you don't have the chance to stop and buy a newspaper Lindsays own radio station Bob FM will have there weather and news broadcasted daily, throughout the day.

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